FixYourBrowser.com is the best source for adware information, removal instructions, and tutorials. FixYourBrowser.com by Max Reisler is around since 2013. We pride ourselves on easy to follow and clear removal instructions for our visitors to get rid of the hardest adware and other threats that target the web browser.

Every day our team of malware investigators is working hard to detect the latest malware and provide our visitors with clear and understandable instructions. In many cases, we were the first to write a removal instruction for specific ad-supported malware e.g. adware. The instructions on FixYourBrowser.com include detailed information about the threat, manual removal instructions, and free removal tools (Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, Zemana Anti-malware, Norton Power Eraser or Avast browser cleanup) to get rid of the malware.

If you need our help you can ask your question in the comments at the end of the instruction, by e-mail or through social media.
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