6 alternative web-browsers to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

By | May 11, 2018

When it comes down to internet web-browser the top three for the majority of the people using the internet are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge. There are many alternatives to the top three browser’s available to check out. In this article, we made a summary of the best alternatives to Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft IE, and Edge.

6 alternative internet web-browsers to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi looks like Firefox (or Opera). Vivaldi has a clean and intuitive graphical user interface and offers many features to make this browser a great alternative to many other popular browsers. Vivaldi offers the ability to easily keep track of your open web pages using the stacked tabbed feature. Vivaldi is compatible with most Chrome extensions as Vivaldi uses the Blink rendering engine just like Google Chrome.

Goto: Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser

Opera browser

The Opera browser is a well known and good alternative to Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft’s IE and Edge. A big advantage of Opera to its competitors is the in-built Adblocker. The in-built Adblocker in Opera is way faster than every external AdBlocker out there. Opera also allows Chrome extension as the Opera browser is built on Webkit. Opera has a pop-out video feature which allows users to watch the video while browsing other tabs.

Goto: Opera Browser

Opera browser

Brave Browser

Brave browser is a browser that protects its users. Brave browser includes features as HTTPS Everywhere, script blocking, cookie blocking and private incognito tabbed browsing. Brave browser offers an in-built Adblocker that is supposedly 4 times faster than others.  Another big advantage is the open-source project, Brave browser is open-source which makes it possible for anyone to contribute to the Brave browser project.

Goto: Brave Browser

Brave browser

Waterfox browser

Waterfox is an alternative to the Firefox browser, Waterfox is built on the Firefox engine. However, there is a huge difference in Firefox and Waterfox. Waterfox allows the use of unsigned XUL extensions and themes. If you need security and privacy while surfing the internet we do not recommend Waterfox. Waterfox is a Firefox fork if you like the graphical user interface and speed, choose Firefox instead. Firefox is more secure.

Goto: Waterfox browser

Waterfox browser

Chromium browser

Chromium is an open-source Chrome alternative. Chromium offers the same features and privacy enhancements as Google Chrome such as syncing the browser profile with Google services, automatic updates, developer tools and HTML 5 support. Since the Chromium browser is open-source anyone can contribute to the Chromium project.

Goto: Chromium browser

Chromium browser

Slimjet browser

Slimjet is a browser that uses the Microsoft Trident layout engine. This means Slimjet looks similar to Internet Explorer. Slimjet offers many features related to security. Slimjet has many options to block tracking while surfing the internet and has an in-built Adblocker. Slimjet also is faster than all other browsers, Slimjet has a low memory footprint and CPU usage.

Goto: Slimjet browser

Slimjet browser

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  1. AvatarAlan Vallazza

    There is also a FireFox like stripped down version that rivals WaterFox called PaleMoon that I use. It is Mozilla FireFox but without the bloatedness and all the addons though they have a place for addons for the browser but not as much. I think a lot of PaleMoon users are disliking WaterFox because it is the chief rival. There is also a Comodo IceDragon Gecko based browser that also is a Mozilla FireFox clone. The IceDragon people also did a sister browser that is Chromium based called Comodo Dragon. The Comodo group.

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