Firefox 76: Improved Lockwise password manager and Eleven bugfixes

Firefox recently introduced Firefox 76. The latest version of Firefox warns users about leaked and reused passwords. Firefox Lockwise is improved a lot and now also shows websites that were involved in a data leak.

When you have a password in Lockwise that refers to a website involved in a data leak, Lockwise displays a warning with a link to the relevant website. Specific information about the data leak is displayed, and you can change the password.

firefox website breach

Lockwise also warns you about passwords that are used on specific websites. Lockwise also warns when a password is leaked on a website.

firefox passwords

It looks like Firefox Lockwise in Firefox 76 is starting to become more and more like a password manager.

In addition to the introduction of warning for data leaks as well as reused passwords, Lockwise can now generate complex passwords.

These new passwords are also automatically saved by Lockwise in the Firefox browser.

Finally, Mozilla has also improved the security of the passwords. By default, passwords stored in Firefox were visible, unless a master password is set. If no master password is set, the macOS or Windows account password must now be entered to view saved passwords.

Furthermore, with the arrival of Firefox 76 eleven vulnerabilities in the browser have been resolved, three of which have been labeled as serious. Such vulnerabilities allow an attacker, in the worst-case scenario, to gain full control of the system by only visiting a compromised or malicious website.

Two of the vulnerabilities each have been found and reported by Google researchers.

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