How to Get rid of adware on Firefox – Information & Removal Instructions

Firefox is a great fast and reliable web browser. Currently, Firefox has an 11% market share against Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. That’s not much, yet Firefox has great potential for strong growth. Those of you who regularly find yourself on the internet know that unwanted advertisements and adware are common. You can acquire adware anywhere on the internet and it can install itself in different web browsers. Firefox is no exception. In the article, I will explain how to remove adware from Firefox and how to restore Firefox to its optimal condition.

On its own, adware is a collective name for ad-supported software. This means that software is installed on your PC that abuses the Firefox web browser to display intrusive advertisements such as popups, in-text ads or banners that are perceived as annoying by the user. This concerns advertising that is not on the web page but is displayed by Adware. There is a big difference between ads displayed on the website to cover the cost of the website and ads generated by adware. The ads that are displayed by adware are often ads that focus on a casino, browser updates, scams, and NSFW (not safe for work) ads.

How to remove adware from Firefox?

Browser extension

The first step to remove adware from Firefox is to identify the browser extension (add-on) that is installed by adware. Browser extensions are usually developed to enhance the web browser experience, however, suspicious advertising services also use extensions to display ads and change content on the web page the user is visiting, for example, inject ads into the content.

Open Firefox, click the menu button in the top right corner. Select add-ons from the menu and Extensions from the menu on the left.

add-on removal firefox

Now verify the add-ons installed in Firefox. If you didn’t install add-on at all remove all add-ons, by default Firefox has no add-ons installed.

firefox add-ons uninstall

Click the Remove button to remove the add-on installed in Firefox.

Change homepage and search engine in Firefox

Adware is a collective name for software that makes changes to the web browser. Adware also includes so-called browser hijackers. Browser hijackers are aimed at replacing your homepage and search engine with another often malicious search engine. Browser hijackers intend to redirect the Firefox web browser to a homepage of their choice. To remove browser hijackers, you need to change the start page and search engine, follow these instructions.

Change homepage in Firefox

Open the Firefox menu in the top right corner, from the menu open Options.

change homepage firefox

In the Options menu, click on the Home tab in the left menu, to reset the homepage click on Restore Defaults. If you would like to open a custom web page, select Custom URLs from the Homepage and new windows option and enter the web page you would like to open each time Firefox is started.

Change the new tab from the New tabs menu and set to Default “Firefox Home (Default)” or select Blank page.

restore homepage firefox

Change search engine in Firefox

Once again open the Firefox menu, and go to the Search tab in the left menu.

change search engine firefox

In the Default Search engine menu, select the search engine you would like to use, e.g. Google (as in this example). However, when a browser hijacker has changed the search engine the search engine might be changed to an unknown search engine. In order to remove the browser hijacker, select the search engine from the list and change it to another legitimate search engine such as Google. To make things much easier click the Restore Default Search Engines button.

Reset Firefox

Pretty much any adware for Firefox makes changes to the web browser and sometimes these changes are not easy to get rid of. In order to easily get rid of any adware that had to make any changes to Firefox, you can reset Firefox to default settings. Firefox reset will reset the homepage, add-ons, and search provider.

Open the Firefox menu, and from the menu click on Help.

reset firefox help menu

In the Help menu, select Troubleshooting information from the menu.

firefox troubleshooting

Click the Refresh Firefox button, and confirm the firefox reset once again in the dialog. The refresh Firefox button will remove add-ons and customizations, and restore your homepage.

refresh - reset firefox

Remove adware from Firefox with antivirus

Adware is ad-supported software and is commonly installed without the user’s knowledge. It is these ad-supported software that shows ads, popups and redirects in the Firefox web browser. In order to completely get rid of adware on Firefox you need to scan your PC for any harmful software. Get started to remove adware from Firefox.

Download Malwarebytes OR More information about Malwarebytes


Run the Malwarebytes program installation file. Click here for Malwarebytes installation instructions.
Click Scan Now to start examining for the adware responsible for unwanted ads or changes in the Firefox web browser.

malwarebytes main

Malwarebytes will start searching for malware, please wait for Malwarebytes to finish the malware scan.
Malwarebytes usually takes between 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes scanning for malware

Once the malware scan is performed, Malwarebytes will present the results of the adware scan.
Remove the malware found by Malwarebytes using the Quarantine Selected button.

malwarebytes scan results

Wait for Malwarebytes to move all malware to quarantine.

malwarebytes quarantine

Malwarebytes needs to make a system reboot to finish the firefox adware removal process.
Save and close any working documents or open web pages and click Yes to reboot your PC.

malwarebytes reboot

After the system reboot, your web browser is free from adware that abuses the Firefox web browser. Stay protected with Malwarebytes against future browser hijacker and other types of malware. Malwarebytes stops adware, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs, malicious web pages, suspicious downloads, viruses, spyware and ransomware from infecting your web browser.

I hope this article has helped you to get rid of adware on Firefox. Please leave your questions, comments or advice in the comments below.
Thank you for reading!

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