How to Manage automatic login settings in Safari for iOS and Mac

Safari for Mac and iOS for iPhone or iPad now support iOS 12.2 and Mojave 10.14.4 to automatically login for websites. The website sign-in process has changed; previously, Safari automatically filled in the website username and password; now, Safari also automatically logs you in.

This means that from iOS 12.2 and Mojave 10.14.4 you no longer have to click on the login button to log in, Safari now automatically logs into the website.

In order to enable it to log in immediately, you will need to activate automatic login to Safari.

How to Manage automatic login settings in Safari

Activate Instant Login for Safari on iOS

Open Settings, click on Passwords and Accounts and activate Autofill passwords.

active automatic login safari ios

Activate Instant Login for Safari on Mac

Open Safari, click on Preferences, in the menu click on AutoFill and enable Usernames and passwords.

automatic login safari mac

The disadvantage of this is that Safari does not activate the ‘Remember me’ option, which means that you may have to log in again on your next visit. The best you can do is to check this ‘Remember me’ checkbox before automatically logging in.

How to view saved passwords in iOS and Mac

When you log in to websites, Safari will ask you to save your username and password. If you use this feature, the usernames and passwords will be stored in the iCloud keychain fully encrypted.

The login details are then stored in iCloud and can be viewed on any device that is linked to the same AppleID.

To view the passwords on a Mac, open Safari, in the menu click Settings and open the Passwords tab.

passwords mac safari

More information about passwords in Safari.

Passwords can also be viewed on an iOS device. Open Settings, click on Passwords and Account and then on Website & App passwords.

passwords safari ios

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to disable the automatic login feature in Safari. Disable autofill as described will stop automatic login.

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