Beginners guide to Firefox (Step by Step instructions)

Firefox is a free internet browser. Firefox is an alternative to the standard browsers Edge and Internet Explorer.

A browser is a program that gives access to the Internet. On a computer running Windows 10, the Internet browser Edge is installed by default. On a Windows 7 computer, Internet Explorer is the default. However, you do not necessarily have to use this standard browser. Alternatively, you can download Firefox for free.

Firefox beginners guide

Open Firefox

You can download Firefox for free. When Firefox is installed, open the browser by clicking the Start button in Windows and open the Firefox browser.

Firefox asks you if you want to set Firefox as your default browser. Uncheck the box for Always perform this check when starting Firefox and click on the desired option.

make firefox default browser

Visiting a website

The main task of an internet browser is to visit a website. In order to visit a website with Firefox, this is done with the address bar. The address bar is the bar at the top of the Firefox window.

firefox address bar

In the address bar, click Search with Google or enter an address. Type in a web address. Press the Enter key on the keyboard. The website opens in Firefox.


The address bar has a double function. In addition to surfing directly to a website, the address bar can also be used to search the Internet.

Click on Enter search term or address in the address bar. Type one or more keywords and press the Enter key, the Google search engine shows you suggestions for the search term(s).

firefox search in address bar

Click on a suggestion to visit the corresponding website.

Multiple windows

As soon as Firefox opens, a window appears with one tab. This is used to navigate the Internet, as described in the instructions above.

However, do you want to open more than one web page at a time? Then there are two possibilities.

Open an entirely new window or open additional tabs in the current window.

Open an additional window as follows

In the upper right-hand corner of the window, click on the three dashes icon. Click New Window or press CTRL + N on your keyboard.

firefox new window

Multiple tabs

In addition to several windows, it is also possible to open several tabs on one window. With this option, you can see at a glance which pages are open.
Click on the plus sign at the top of the window next to the tab. The second tab opens.

Click on one of the tabs to switch to the other open web page.

Close a tab by clicking on the cross in the tab.

open and close new tabs firefox

Top sites and highlights

A new tab contains all kinds of information, including an extra search bar, Top Sites, and Highlights. Top sites show a list of the most frequently visited websites. Under Highlights, you see recently visited web pages or bookmarks.

These suggestions can be useful, but also annoying. You may not want to see what you last looked at when you open the browser. Then you can adjust what is shown on a new tab.

Open a new tab. Click on the cogwheel icon.

cogwheel options firefox

Uncheck the items you don’t want to use by clicking on them, then click Done.

top sites and highlights options firefox

Home page

If you often visit the same website, it may be useful to set it as a home page. Each time the browser is opened, this website also opens automatically.

Enter the web address of your favorite web page in the address bar and press the Enter key.

Click on the three dashes icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window. Click Options.

In the menu on the left, open the Home option and choose Home page and new windows.

Select Customs URLs from the list and choose Use Current page or type your URL.

change homepage firefox

Private Browsing

Use ‘Private Browsing’ to prevent people from viewing the browsing history. The history overview, passwords, cookies, and other information for websites visited is not saved on your device.

Click on the three dashes icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

open private window firefox

Click New Private Window to go to the desired website from the address bar or enter a search query.

private browsing firefox

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