How to choose the best internet browser for your device?

By | March 18, 2018

You often don’t stop and think about your Internet browser: A webpage surrounded by an address bar to enter hyperlinks, plus usually a bar for your favorite websites. However, the Internet browsers differ in performance and additional functionalities that you can use.

The browsers in this overview all have their advantages and disadvantages. A good Internet browser contains the functionalities you need but is primarily a matter of taste and look.

google chrome logoGoogle Chrome

Chrome, the Internet browser by Google, is the world’s most famous internet browser. Chrome is useful because the browser syncs with your Google account so that you can access your favorite websites and your browsing history anywhere (even on a mobile device). Also, Chrome is a speedy browser that also has a minimalist design so you will not be distracted by an unnecessarily messy interface while surfing the internet.

Chrome also includes a Google Chrome store full of useful extensions. These optional enhancements allow you to instantly see how many new emails you have without having to go to your email client, save Web pages so you can read them later or activate an adblocker. There are plenty extensions to choose from.

However, Chrome also has disadvantages. First of all, the browser requires quite a bit of computing power from your computer, making it not a suitable choice for less powerful computers. In addition, Google saves your internet history to improve your search results, ads, and other Google products. You can turn saving the information off, but the idea that Google has access to your browsing history is not just as pleasant for everyone.

Google Chrome tips

firefox logoFirefox

Firefox’s market share has declined over the past few years, but this open source web browser-developed by hundreds of volunteers is the world’s second largest browser, after Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Firefox gets an update every six weeks to keep the browser as safe and fast as possible. Like Chrome, the Internet browser contains useful extensions to provide you with all the conveniences. Concerning performance, Firefox scores in the middle bracket. Firefox deviates from the competition regarding design. Since Firefox Quantum it has the same minimalistic look. In other browsers, but also in Firefox you can also just search the internet by entering a term in the address bar.

Firefox tips

microsoft edge logoMicrosoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the second and according to Microsoft the fastest browser. Microsoft Edge is the standard browser on Windows 10 devices. Edge is also the default browser in Windows 10. However, Microsoft Edge is not supported by other operating systems such as Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Edge is a fast-paced browser that also looks enjoyable. The design fits the look of Windows 10. Unfortunately, the number of available extensions is not very high. Also, Microsoft focuses primarily on websites that run on modern website techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3, which may prevent older pages from appearing or not displaying correctly in Edge.

Microsoft Edge tips

internet explorer logoInternet Explorer

Until halfway 2016, Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser worldwide. That Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser worldwide, was a big part of the fact that Internet Explorer has been the default browser on Windows computers since the 1990s, and the majority of Windows users did not have the choice the choose another browser after installation of Windows.

Internet Explorer is a well-optimized browser for Windows-based computers, which is also fast and powerful. Besides, Internet Explorer requires less computing power under similar conditions than, for example, Chrome or Firefox. The most significant limitation of Internet Explorer is supporting extensions or rather the lack of extension at all.

Internet Explorer tips

opera logoOpera

The Opera browser has a worldwide market share of only about one and a half percent, but Opera still offers many functionalities.

Opera has a beautiful and minimalist appearance and also contains a lot of useful features as standard. For example, the browser has a built-in AdBlocker, a battery saving mode and chat services like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger built into a sidebar on the left side of the Opera browser window.

Opera also includes a Turbo mode. This mode saves a lot of data and allows you to keep surfing while you are on a very slow internet connection. The mode compresses the data, so you can even access an internet web page in a decent amount of time with an unstable internet connection.

safari logoSafari

Apple’s Safari is according to Apple the safest and fastest browser you can use on a Mac OS or iOS device. Safari should save more battery than for example Chrome or Firefox on an Apple device. Safari is fully optimized to work with Mac OS or iOS.

Safari has a clean and minimalistic interface which works and looks awesome. Apple also offers an extension store, online and in their Mac Appstore with many extension to enhance the experience while using Safari.

Safari tips

Additional tip

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