How to clear the cache for Safari Mac OS, iPad and iPhone the easy way!

By | March 16, 2018

The Safari browser includes an option to cache static files, images and other files that the browser use to call the files from the cache. Using the cache Safari performs much faster than download each file one by one directly from the website. Safari caching can allow web pages to load faster, and it works wonders.

However, the cache can also cause problems. Caching can become full with junk, and old cache files you do not need anymore. This will slow down Safari on multiple devices. The old cache can also lead to some web pages load slow and are visibly incorrect. In a case you want the clear only the file cache, you can do so with a few easy steps. In this article, I will show you how to clear the cache on Mac OS and iOS devices.

In the older versions of Apple Mac OS (Mountain Lion), you also needed to clear your web browser history and cookies. This is not needed in Sierra and High Sierra, you can decide to only clear the cache, find out how! Read on.

How to clear the cache for Safari Mac OS, iPad, and iPhone

Clear cache for Safari Mac OS Sierra and High Sierra

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  1. Click on Safari from the menu
  2. Select Preferences and open the Advanced tab
  3. Check the “Show development menu in menu bar” option
  4. Open the Developer menu
  5. Click Empty Caches (option⌥ + cmd⌘ + E)

Clear caches in Safari Sierra and High Sierra

Clear cache for Safari on an Apple iPad or iPhone

an iPad does not have a particular clear the cache option. However, an iPad has the ability to remove website history and website data. Clearing this data on an iPad can have a significant speed impact on Safari browser on the iPad. Clearing the history and website data works in the same way for iPad and iPhone.

One warning, once you clear the website data and browsing history on an iPad, all the website data, and web browsing history on devices associated with the same AppleID are cleaned also.

  • Unlock the iPad or iPhone
  • Goto Settings
  • Scroll down to Safari
  • Scroll down to “Clear History and Website Data”.

Clear History and Website Data on an iPad


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