How to Customize Firefox appearance, theme and menu (Complete Guide)

By | April 4, 2019

Firefox Quantum has quicker speeds and many more useful features, but what about the Firefox appearance, such as themes, menu items? How to customize Firefox? In this article, I will show you how to customize the Firefox user interface to suit your needs.

Some of these methods will work with older versions of Firefox as well.

If you want to make sure that you have the latest Firefox Quantum installed, head over to the menu bar. If it’s not visible, you can tap the ALT key on your keyboard or just right-click on any open space at the top and select menu bar from the drop-down menu.

Click on help then select about Firefox. If you have Quantum installed that will update Firefox Quantum. If you’re new to Firefox, you can download it from We’ll start out with an easy one.

How to customize Firefox

Remove or add items from Firefox toolbar

What you quickly remove items from the toolbar just right click on that item and select remove from the toolbar. You can even get rid of empty space in the toolbar by right-clicking on the empty space and selecting remove from toolbar again.

Select the three bar menu icon in the upper right, then select customize, this will open a new tab with more customization options. Most functions on this page involve left clicking with your mouse and dragging the elements.

You can remove items from the toolbar by dragging and dropping into the main area below.  For example, the Firefox search bars, you don’t need these search bars as internet searches can also be done in the address bar.

drag menu items firefox

Move your cursor up to search left click and drag it down below to the other elements to remove elements to customize Firefox.

Adding items to the toolbar works the same way but in reverse from the main area just left-click and drag those elements to where you want them on the Firefox toolbar.

firefox overflow menu - customize firefox

There is also an overflow menu to the right or tools that you use but don’t want them to take up space on the toolbar, just left-click and drag the items to the overflow menu box.

Customize add-ons and themes

For many people the add-ons they used to use no longer work with Quantum that also includes certain themes, themes are a great way to change the appearance of Firefox at the bottom of the page.

firefox customize themes

Click on themes, Firefox Quantum includes three themes that are pre-installed default light and dark. They also have a few that are recommended. You can preview them by just moving your cursor over each one, they are called “a web browser renaissance”, “space fantasy” and “pastel gradient”. I like the space fantasy one as it is easier on the eyes.

Below that you can select get more themes to see what other themes for Firefox Mozilla has to offer. They have thousands of themes that you can choose from.

Customize menubar and bookmarks toolbar

customize menu bar bookmarks toolbar firefox

On the customize Firefox page, you can add or remove the menu bar and bookmarks bar by selecting the toolbars button at the bottom of the page and just click each menu item to turn it on or off.

Customize toolbar menu size

customize density firefox

You can also control the size of the items in the toolbar by selecting density. Normal is the default size, compact makes the menu smaller and touch makes the menu items just slightly larger than normal.

Show title bar

show title bar firefox

Some people miss the title bar that used to appear at the top of the page. There’s an option here to turn the title bar in Firefox back on, click the Title bar in the left bottom corner and you’ll see the title bar at the top of the page.

When you are done customizing Firefox to your needs, select Done in the lower right corner. You will now see that your changes have taken effect.

Firefox Quantum has many new features. The most useful is the screenshot tool, at least for me. The screenshot tool is hidden on the address bar on the page actions menu.

firefox screenshot tool

The screenshot tool works great to capture and save any part of any web page.

Enjoy Firefox, I hope this article has helped you customize Firefox to suit your needs.

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2 thoughts on “How to Customize Firefox appearance, theme and menu (Complete Guide)

  1. AvatarRick

    Is there not anyway to add space (make new toolbars) so a person can actually see the entire theme instead of only 40 % of it ?? I have checked the extensions for both of these questions I asked and there are none (used to be though). Or to put the tabs on the bottom where they should be instead of on top of the bookmarks menu bar. Firefox is so frustrating because they keep changing the layout of the browser and people need to be a computer engineer to be able to keep things the way they like them (which I am not). Its like Firefox did half a browser and want the public to finish it properly for them.

  2. AvatarRick

    Also no way to add color to the menu items which are all gray and white – lifeless. Again no extension for this but older versions had extensions to make the menu items appear nice. No way to make “favorites” folder yellow.

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