Disable Firefox Data Collection and Use in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox collects data about you when you use the program. In itself, that can do little harm. For privacy reasons, you can turn this privacy and data collection feature off.

It’s about the following: Firefox wants to deliver a program that is as stable as possible and is continuously improving its browser. In doing so, the programmers partly rely on the data about users. Think about this data: on which system the program is used and how often the program crashes. These are statistics and data about you and your internet behavior.

These data are processed based on large numbers. However, you may find it an annoying idea. The function that transmits the data is automatically enabled for each installation. With just a few mouse clicks, you can disable the collection of this data.

Disable Firefox Data Collection and Use

Open the Firefox web browser. Click and open the menu by pressing the menu button. This is the icon with the 3 horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.

Select Options from the menu.

firefox menu

Open the menu on the left side, “Privacy & Security.” Navigate down in the privacy and security settings. Under the heading “Firefox data collection and use” you will see several settings.

Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla.
Allow Firefox to make personalized extension recommendations.
Allow Firefox to install and run studies
Allow Firefox to send backlogged crash reports on your behalf.

firefox data collection settings

You can enable or disable any privacy settings in Firefox by clicking on the checkbox. Each data collection setting also has a “Learn more” button to learn more about how and what Firefox collects about your system and your surfing behavior.

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