Why you should NOT watch Netflix in your web browser (why not!?)

Which web browser do you use to watch Netflix? Do you have an Ultra High Definition (UHD) subscription to Netflix?

Did you know that most web browsers playback Netflix media in the maximum video quality of 720p (1280×720)?

There are only two web browsers that play Netflix media in high video quality, specifically the Full-HD 1080p (1920×1080) video quality or 4k UHD (3840×2160) video quality.

dont watch netflix in web browserSafari browser for Full HD 1080p video playback

Safari for Mac or Windows can stream Netflix media in maximum video quality of Full-HD 1080p.

Microsoft Edge browser for 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) video playback

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 can stream Netflix media in maximum video quality of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD).

What about other browsers?

Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera play Netflix media in the maximum video resolution of HD-Ready 720p.

Therefore, if you have an Ultra High Definition (UHD) account, it is recommended to download the official Netflix app for your Windows 10 computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Smart TV.

If you stream Netflix media through the Netflix app, you can view your Netflix movies, series, documentaries with the maximum 4k video quality.

It is not recommended to stream Netflix media through the web browser if you have a UHD premium Netflix subscription, as you are not receiving the highest video quality possible.

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