How to HARD Reset Microsoft Edge

If you have problems with Microsoft Edge, for instance, Microsoft Edge doesn’t start or Microsoft Edge crashes and you have tried anything, you might want to consider a soft full reset of Microsoft Edge.

In this instruction, I do not advise to reset Microsoft Edge using the in-built reset functionality.

In this instruction, you will find instructions on how to reset Microsoft Edge by removing the Edge folder and reconfigure Microsoft Edge back to default settings when you are done. I do advise you to take a back-up before you proceed, in this instruction you will learn how you can make a back-up before the Microsoft Edge hard reset. Let’s begin.

Microsoft Edge hard reset

First, you can make a back-up of the Edge folder. In case anything goes wrong or you need to restore settings you can do so using the Microsoft Edge back-up.

Open a new windows explorer windows. In the address bar type: %localappdata%\Microsoft

backup edge folder

Right-click on the Edge folder. Click on Copy and Paste the directory to a safe place in another folder on your computer, for instance, the C:\ drive.

Now you have a back-up you can restore anytime you need it. Just copy and paste the folder back to its original location, if you need to.

Let’s begin on how to hard reset Microsoft Edge settings to their default settings.

Close Microsoft Edge, make sure Microsoft Edge is fully shutdown.

Open a Windows Explorer window, in the address bar type: %localappdata%\Microsoft\

hard reset microsoft edge

Find the Edge folder and right-click, click on Remove. Now restart Microsoft Edge using the shortcut on your Windows desktop.

full microsoft edge reset

When the hard reset is done, you need to reconfigure the Microsoft Edge settings.

reconfigure microsoft edge after hard reset

Thank you for reading!

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