The renewed Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is now available

We wrote about it before, Edge Chromium would be available very soon. Now the time has come, Chromium Edge can officially be downloaded from

Chromium Edge is available for Windows and Mac users. However, Windows users need to download the Chromium Edge web browser manually. The renewed Edge is installed automatically in the coming months via Windows Update.

Edge Chromium is very similar to Google Chrome.

chromium edge

According to Microsoft, the differences are in privacy. For example, users of Edge can choose from 3 privacy levels: Basic, Balanced, and Strict.

The default privacy setting Balanced blocks trackers from websites you have not visited before. Strict blocks almost all online trackers on the websites you visit. Strict mode displays almost none to a few online advertisements.

We’ve written before that it’s better not to watch Netflix through your web browser. The resolution of 4k will not be available in most browsers.

If you use Chromium Edge, you can now also watch Netflix online in the web browser at 4k resolution! Woo hoo!

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