How to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 – Uninstall Guide

Many users would like to know how to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows? No need to manually remove Edge, it is not possible. In this article, I provide an easy to use script to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10.

follow these easy instructions.

Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10

Warning: When you uninstall Microsoft Edge, you cannot revert the action!

Delete Microsoft Edge using a special script program. Click here to download the program to your computer.

Extract the files in the zip file and place these files on the Windows desktop.

uninstall microsoft edge

Right-click “Uninstall Edge.cmd” and execute the script as Administrator.

The script begins to search for Microsoft Edge packages and removes Microsoft Edge.

remove microsoft edge windows 10

Reboot your computer to complete the Microsoft Edge uninstall process.

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