Reset Microsoft Edge with “Microsoft Edge Reset Tool”

Not only Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox are targeted by Adware or Malware. Microsoft Edge is now widely distributed thru Windows 10 and the Cybecrooks target Microsoft Edge worldwide. All kind of problems might occur in Microsoft Edge.

For example your homepage might be hijacked by a suspicious homepage, your default search engine is changed or unwanted advertisements appear in your browser. When you experience this kind of problems we advise you to Reset Microsoft Edge, and scan your computer for the files associated with the Adware or Malware.

Reset Microsoft Edge with “Microsoft Edge Reset Tool”

The Microsoft Edge tool is created by Greatis and free for personal use.

  • Download Microsoft Edge Reset Tool
  • Unzip the download to your Windows Desktop
  • Select the tool and right click the tool and select “Run as Administrator“.

Microsoft Edge Reset Tool

  • Allow the app to make changes to your device, select Yes
  • Install the software as described, follow instructions. It’s easy and everything should be left as default.
  • After installation select Finish, Microsoft Edge Reset Tool now starts.

  • Select the Reset Edge Browser! to Reset edge to default settings.
  • a execution log appears.
  • Thats it.
  • The Reset Edge Tool creates a Desktop shortcut.
  • Next time, select it, and select “Run as Administrator”.

Uninstall Reset Edge Button program by Greatis

  • Goto Control Panel
  • Goto Programs
  • Goto Programs and Features
  • Select Edge Reset Button
  • Select the uninstall button.

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