How to Enable Reader mode on iOS 13 and iPad OS

Apple has removed the reader button from the Safari web browser on iOS 13 and iPad OS. The reader button has been replaced by an aA button to make room in the appearance of the web browser.

Using the reader mode, you can ensure that the text and images of a web page are displayed via a universal view.

This makes the web page layout more comfortable to read and you are less distracted when reading an article. From iOS 13 and iPad OS, you can activate this view using the aA-button in the address bar or using the method below.

How to Enable Reader mode on iOS 13 and iPad OS

To activate the reader mode, firmly press the aA button next to the address bar in the Safari web browser for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the reader layout will be applied to the website you are currently visiting.


Press the aA button again to change the settings for reader display. A menu appears in which you can change the reader mode settings such as reader mode font size and background color.

To deactivate the reader display mode, shortly press the aA button again. The website layout will be changed back to the original display.

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