IOS 11: Activating experimental options and settings in Safari

safari iconSince IOS 11, you can activate experimental options in Safari and run different applications and controls. The options are intended primarily for web developers and are mainly related to WebKit tools from Apple.

For example, using the experimental features, developers can detect errors in their websites or activate or disable additional tools. As a regular user, you will probably not be able to use or need these experimental options.

Activate the experimental options in Safari

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to Safari
  • Tap Advanced
  • Open the Experimental Features

Activate the experimental options in Safariexperimental settings in SafariActivate the experimental webkit options in Safari

You can then enable or disable the options you want, such as the choice between Constant Properties, CSS Spring animations, Link preload, viewport Fit, Web animations and Web GPU.

In the previous versions of IOS, some of these advanced features were already included, such as the Web Inspector.

Also, you can turn on or off JavaScript for some time, if you like.

Link preload is an experimental feature which will speed up iOS 11 Safari considerably.

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