Firefox 67 lets users block cryptominers and fingerprinters

Mozilla recently released a new version of Firefox, version 67. The new version of Firefox allows users to block Cryptominers and Fingerprints. In addition to blocking Cryptominers and Fingerprints, Mozilla has also closed several security holes and made Firefox a lot faster.

firefox 67 is faster

Mozilla states that protecting privacy is an important part of the new Firefox 67.

Firefox offers to block Cryptominers

Because protecting privacy is an important factor in the new version of Firefox, I will explain what Cryptominers and Fingerprints are and why it is important to block them to ensure the privacy of Firefox users.

Cryptominers are scripts that are placed in websites and loaded by the web browser. The web browser then uses or sometimes abuses, the user’s computer CPU to mine for the new cryptocurrency. Read more about Cryptojacking.

Websites are increasingly using crypto miners as an alternative to advertising revenue. Users are blocking advertisements that allow website administrators to switch in an alternative way to generate income through crypto miners, among other things.

Precisely because websites loaded with a crypto miner abuse the CPU, it is advisable to block Cryptominers. Firefox blocks Cryptominers, this is how you block Crypto miners in Firefox.

Open Firefox, in the right top corner, open the Firefox menu. In the Firefox menu open Options. In the left menu open Privacy & Security. Click the Custom box in the Content Blocking section and enable Cryptominers and – or Fingerprinters.

block cryptominers in firefox

Firefox offers to block Fingerprint scripts

Another technique to protect your privacy in Firefox is to block Fingerprints.

Fingerprints are scripts that are placed in the website source code to retrieve system information through the web browser. This information is often used later for analysis or to sell to advertisers.

Every website you visit has a Fingerprint script (often an analytics or tracking script) active, to protect your privacy Firefox has decided to block Fingerprints.

Improvements in Firefox Private mode

Firefox 67 has also been improved in private mode. It is now possible to choose which browser extensions to allow in private mode, by default Firefox still blocks all browser extensions in private mode.

It is also possible to use saved passwords in private mode and you can also save passwords in private mode. This way you don’t have to enter your password every time Firefox is started in private mode.

Cloud storage is disabled for Firefox Screenshots

After the update to Firefox version 67, Firefox users will no longer be able to upload screenshots taken via the browser functionality to the Cloud storage.

Older screenshots can still be downloaded, but new screenshots can no longer be uploaded to the Mozilla Cloud.

FIDO U2F support

The predecessor of Web Authentication called: FIDO U2F is now supported by Firefox 67.

By supporting FIDO U2F, Google users can now log in with physical security.

More information about the latest version Firefox 67.

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