Firefox 73: DNS over HTTPS and more (Whats new)

Firefox 73, what’s new? In Firefox 73, Mozilla has introduced a DNS over HTTPS (DoH) provider. DoH (DNS over HTTPS) encrypts DNS requests in the Firefox browser.

firefox logoThe DNS requests executed via DoH in Firefox can no longer be viewed or modified by DNS providers.

Mozilla indicates that DoH is an important measure to protect the privacy of its users. In some countries, DNS requests are manipulated to force advertisements on users and analyze their browsing behavior. Mozilla hopes DoH will prevent such practices.

In 2019, Mozilla announced that it had found a second DNS provider in NextDNS that participates in Firefox’s Trusted Recursive Resolver program.

Mozilla states that it only chooses providers that comply with the strict privacy policy. This involves collecting and storing as little browser data as possible, being transparent about the data that is nevertheless collected, and restricting the DNS provider’s ability to block or modify content.

Cloudflare is the default DNS over HTTPS provider in Firefox. Alternatively, users can also choose NextDNS. Mozilla hopes that more DNS providers will join the DoH project in the future.

How to enable DNS over HTTPS?

Open Firefox, in the address bar type: about:preferences#general

Scroll down to “Network Settings“, click Settings.

Check “Enable DNS over HTTPS” and save settings.

Enable DNS over HTTPS firefox

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