Firefox Nightly is going to block push notifications

This month (April 2019) Mozilla in Firefox Nightly is going to block requests to allow notifications from websites. Mozilla indicates that it is looking for ways to block notifications that are often experienced as disruptive and spam.

In the first two weeks of April 2019, Mozilla will block all notification requests. However, this is with the exception of push notification requests that are started by a mouse click or keyboard button.

firefox nightly

If a notification request is made via Firefox Nightly, an icon will appear in the Firefox address bar, users who click on the icon can accept the notification.

So it is to wait until online scammers find another way to let users click on the icon. Anyway, Mozilla assumes that users prefer not to receive notifications the moment they visit the websites for the first time.

According to Mozilla, users first need a moment to decide whether or not to accept notifications. If users choose to allow notifications, they can click on the icon.

Users who are immediately confronted with allow notifications yes or no will usually choose No, according to Mozilla. Less than three percent of visitors would allow notifications in the beginning.

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