What telemetry data does Firefox collect about your installation?

Always wanted to know what telemetry data Firefox sends to Mozilla? Users can see in Firefox via the about:telemetry page what data the browser collects about their Firefox installation.

This telemetry data includes non-personal data such as the hardware on which the Firefox browser is installed, installed add-ons, usage data, and Firefox browser performance data.

telemetry data firefox

This page shows the information about performance, hardware, usage and customizations collected by Telemetry. This information is submitted to Mozilla to help improve Mozilla Firefox.

Telemetry is collecting release data and upload is enabled. Each piece of information is sent bundled into “pings“.

You are looking at the current data. Looking for more information? The Firefox Data Documentation contains guides about how to work with our data tools.

The Firefox Telemetry client documentation includes definitions for concepts, API documentation and data references.

The Telemetry dashboards allow you to visualize the data Mozilla receives via Telemetry.

The Probe Dictionary provides details and descriptions for the probes collected by Telemetry.

This collected data helps Mozilla Firefox developers understand how Firefox is performing with users on different platforms. This data is made available on the Firefox Public Data Report page that is accessible to everyone.

Would you instead that Firefox didn’t collect telemetry data? You can also disable this option.

Disable Firefox telemetry data

Paste: about:Preferences#privacy in the firefox address bar. Scroll down to “Firefox Data Collection and Use” and uncheck the privacy settings.

disable telemetry firefox usage

If you disable telemetry, Mozilla will also delete all telemetry data collected about your installation from their servers.

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