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By | February 17, 2019

Facebook Container for Firefox. More and more people are worried about following Facebook’s tracking and advertising behavior. Facebook has recently ended up in a number of scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which Facebook data was sold in bulk to advertisers.

It is well-known since the scandal that through Facebook tracking pixels and Facebook cookies, users are tracked on websites they visit alongside Facebook in the same web browser. This data is then used by Facebook to sell and display targeted ads on the Facebook timeline to its users.

Mozilla has released a browser extension known as “Facebook Container” that can limit the tracking of surfing behavior of users for Facebook. The Firefox extension does not completely prevent Facebook from following users, but it generously does with one simple installation. This extension is a fork of the Multi Accounts Container by Mozilla.

How does Facebook Container work?

Facebook Container for Firefox works simply but effectively. The Facebook Container extension removes old Facebook cookies and pixels from the web browser and prevents new tracking cookies and pixels from being created.

Doing so it becomes a lot harder for Facebook to collect data from users and their surfing behavior on the internet. Note that, “it becomes harder”, Facebook will still track all our data. According to Facebook; “This kind of data collection is fundamental to how to internet works”.

Please note that websites, where users have to log in with their Facebook Account, will work less or no longer at all. Take this into account when using Facebook Container.

Facebook Container requirements

This extension to keep Facebook tracking to a minimum works in Firefox version 57 or higher and only for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS computers.

Installing Facebook Container in Firefox

Because this tool is an extension – also called an add-on in Firefox, you can install the add-on from Firefox itself, proceed as follows.

Open Firefox, click on the menu in the upper right corner. In the menu click on Add-ons (CTRL +SHIFT + A).

firefox menu

A window will now open with all previously installed extensions in Firefox. In the search bar – Find more extensions – you can search for them: Facebook Container press ENTER to confirm the search.

firefox facebook container installation

Click the Add to Firefox button to install the Facebook Container extension in Firefox. Confirm the installation by clicking Add in the description field of the extension.

When you want to uninstall the Facebook Container extension from Firefox, go back to the add-on’s as in the previous step and uninstall the extension.

facebook container add to firefox

No further configuration of the Firefox extension is required. Every time you go to Facebook.com, Firefox will load Facebook into a secured container and protects you from Facebook tracking, which can be recognized by the blue Facebook text in the Firefox navigation bar.

facebook container firefox

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