Firefox 72 blocks third party Fingerprinting requests

By | January 7, 2020

In the latest update for Firefox 72, launched on 7 January 2020, Firefox protects against advertising companies that track users through a technique known as “Fingerprinting.”

Fingerprinting makes it possible for advertisers and other companies to set up a profile to follow users online without the use of cookies.

Advertisers and other trackers create an online profile by storing data such as the web browser, installed fonts, plugins, time zone, and screen resolution. Each user has its settings. If advertisers store this data, they can create a profile of each online user.

Firefox 72 blocks all requests made by companies known to use fingerprinting.

“This prevents these companies from using JavaScript to inspect a user’s system. It also prevents them from receiving information that is visible through network requests, such as the user’s IP address and user-agent header,” said Steven Englehardt of Mozilla.

In the future, Mozilla Firefox will also add scripts and protection via APIs to Firefox. Disconnect has compiled the list Firefox uses to block advertisements and trackers. Disconnect is a company that maintains a list of known advertising networks and other online trackers.

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