Firefox fixes TLS (HTTPS) errors caused by Antivirus root certificates

Mozilla has planned update for Firefox to help Firefox users trust unknown root certificates. Firefox 68 trusts root certificates from internal software or antivirus software by default as soon as it detects that web-traffic is intercepted by an externally installed root-certificate.

firefox logoThe reason for the update is the problem that Firefox notified many users who have antivirus software installed on their computer that Firefox could not securely connect to the website they want to visit.

The error message in Firefox is caused by Antivirus software that wants to verify HTTPS internet traffic (a secure connection).

It is not possible for Antivirus software to analyze HTTPS traffic if the traffic is not redirected through the root certificate installed by the Antivirus software itself.

For now, Firefox only trusted certificates signed by Mozilla itself, which causes connection errors for external software such as Antivirus software, precisely because Antivirus software cannot check the HTTPS internet connection for malicious internet traffic.

How to trust external or antivirus root certificates in Firefox

It is possible to get the root certificates installed by external software such as Antivirus software, trusted by Firefox. Recently I wrote an article on how to solve your connection is not secure errors in Firefox.

Firefox 68 will get a status indicator to see if Firefox uses its own or imported root certificate.

Mozilla Firefox 68 is expected in about a week, that is July 9, 2019.

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