Mozilla blocks a large number of rogue Firefox extensions

Mozilla has blocked a large number of firefox extensions. The browser extensions tried to steal passwords and other data from the Firefox web browser.

Some extensions loaded external content that changed settings and installed third-party software.

mozilla blocks rogue extensions

The blocked Firefox extensions include 2Ring, Rolimons Plus, RoliTrade, FromDocToPDF, WeatherPool, and Your Social.

Firefox extensions must follow specific rules; otherwise, they will be removed. Usually, it’s a few entries per week in the overview, but only on December 19, it suddenly concerned 61 entries, which often concern multiple Firefox extensions.

The main reason was to change search settings and collect all kinds of browser data without permission, without users being able to do anything about it. There was also an extension, Tamo Junto Caixa, which ran code remotely.

Users do not need to take any further action, Mozilla Firefox blocked malicious extensions if users unintentionally installed them.


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