7 tips for Google Chrome. Get a Better and faster Chrome experience

By | March 13, 2018

Google Chrome is one of those browsers that a lot of people use with the Chrome’s default settings enabled. Which is OK. However, there are a few tips and settings for a better and even faster experience while using Google Chrome. Read for it?

I’ve made a list of 7 settings you probably didn’t know about. These settings could make Chrome become the best browser there is for you, if not already…
The choice is yours, check them out!

7 tips for Google Chrome. Get a Better and faster Chrome experience

Before we start we need to open the Chrome’s hidden settings, their called flags. If you are already reading this web page using Google Chrome, enter in the navigation bar: chrome:flags. Otherwise open Google Chrome on your device and in the navigation bar enter: chrome:flags. For the information, Chrome Flags are experimental new features or beta settings in Google Chrome. Geeks like us like to experiment with new features and beta settings.

google chrome version 65 0 3325 146However, we cannot guarantee that these features will end up in the stable release of Chrome or keep existing at all. Some flags settings disappear with a new release and some are added with a new release.

The flags we summed up in this article for you are available in Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.146 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If you are on Windows 10 and the Chrome version is not at Chrome version 65 already, you should try to upgrade Google Chrome first. In this article, we explain how to simple upgrade Chrome for Windows and other operating systems to the latest build. Upgrading is useful if you would like the latest flags and experimental features in Chrome.

Now we have the Chrome experimental window open, let’s check out the 7 tips and settings I am going to show you to make Chrome just a bit better, easier and faster to use.

chrome flags main window

Google chrome material look

Google’s is pushing the material look to most of their services. The material look is easy to read, good for the eye and gives a clean and decent interface to their products. Some button’s and text-boxes in Chrome are not yet in the material look. If you like the material look, you can enable the look of Chrome in the material settings.

In the Search Flags box at the top, search for Material.

chrome material flags settings

It is up to the user to choose to enable, disable or leave the Material setting as is. The choices are;

Material design in the rest of the browser’s native UI
Enable Material Design bookmarks
Enable Material Design extensions.

Google Chrome version 65 has the Material design enabled by default, they call it default. However, the material design is already enabled. If you wish the old non-material look, change all the material settings to disabled.

tab muting audio

Some web pages play video including audio ads as soon as the page is loading. As soon as this audio is playing you will see a small audio logo appear in the chrome tab. This audio logo indicates that the specific new tab is playing the audio. Normally you can’t mute the audio by clicking on that audio icon, the following Chrome flag settings enables to mute the audio with one click.

mute tab audio google chrome

Head over to the chrome flags, and search for mute. Enable the Tab audio muting UI control flag. Relaunch Google Chrome.

tab audio muting UI control

Now click on the audio icon to mute the audio straight from the Chrome’s new tab that is playing the audio.

chrome tab audio muted

This mute audio from the Chrome tab itself is a very useful feature! p.s. we do not recommend mute Tupac’s audio!
Listen and relax. Let’s continue.

Smooth scrolling

Under heavy load, with many videos, animated gifs and many new tab’s open Chrome’s scrolling becomes sluggish. Enable the Smooth Scrolling feature to keep the page scrolling as smooth as possible.

In the Search Flags box search for Smooth.

google chrome smooth scrolling enable

Very useful for the older devices, a brand new PC won’t notice any real difference. Still, we recommend enabling the feature.

Close New Tabs and Windows much faster

With many new tabs or chrome browser windows open, closing a few can cause a delay. Example if a browser tab plays a video, the tab stops the video first and then closes the new tab. The Fast tab window closes feature to force the tab to terminate using the onunload js handler, which is much faster.

Fast tab window close chrome flag

Password generation and save passwords automatically

Google Chrome can generate a password for the user if Chrome detect’s a password creation field.

google chrome password flag settings

Force saving of passwords, or manual password generation. All you need to create your passwords and store them save in Chrome’s password manager. These features do not work on all web pages.

Offline Auto-Reload Mode

No need to refresh the web pages anymore when Chrome goes offline. If the user enables the Offline Auto-Reload Mode feature, Google Chrome detects whenever it comes back online and refreshes all the open web pages for you. Otherwise, you should have hit refresh for every open web page. Useful!

google chrome Offline Auto-Reload Mode

Single-click autofill

How many times has a user filled their name or address in a form field? Enable the Single-click autofill feature and Chrome autofills the fields it already knowns in the web page form. Single-click autofill saves a lot of time. However, do check the forms fields manually, sometimes Chrome makes a mistake.

Single-click autofill feature google chrome

Experimental QUIC protocol

QUIC is Google’s experimental, low-latency Internet transportation protocol over UDP, a protocol that is often used by video streaming media and VoIP services. The name QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection. Enabling this feature could speed up internet browsing using Google Chrome.

Users who connect to YouTube over QUIC report about 30 percent fewer rebuffers when watching videos and because of QUIC’s improved congestion control and loss recover over UDP, users on some of the slowest connection also see improved page load times with QUIC. For now, Google services seem to benefit from the QUIC protocol.

quic protocol enable google chrome

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