7 useful tips for the Google Chrome web browser everyone should know!

By | February 14, 2019

Need useful tips for Google Chrome? Read these 7 Google Chrome tips everyone should know about.

Google Chrome is far from the most widely used web browser in the world. In this article, I give 7 tips that everyone should know if Google Chrome is your default web browser. In several tests, Google Chrome has been tested as the best performing web browser.

Besides the fact that Google Chrome is one of the better web browsers, Google Chrome also has a wide range of functionality.

This article contains the 10 most useful tips that every user should know to get all the useful functionality from Google Chrome what it contains.

7 useful tips for the Google Chrome web browser everyone should know

Anonymous Surfing with Google Chrome

When you visit websites on the internet using Google Chrome, a lot of user and website data is stored on your device by Google Chrome. Data such as cookies, completed web forms, and of course, the visited web pages are kept up to date in browsing history.

Google Chrome has the incognito mode in which this Google Chrome data is stored on the local device. However, only after closing the incognito mode will this data be automatically deleted from Google Chrome.

chrome incognito modus

Click on the menu icon in the top right of Google Chrome, and select from the menu “new incognito window” or press the CTRL+SHIFT+N keys simultaneously on your computer keyboard.

incognito mode google chrome

The theme of Google Chrome is now dark, and a spy icon appears next to the Google Chrome menu.

Google Chrome won’t save your browsing history, cookies and site data and information from forms on your device. External services such as the web server or your service provider are still able to track your online behavior.

Manage passwords in Google Chrome with Google Smart Lock

google smart lockGoogle Smart Lock is a service provided by Google to view, edit and delete your passwords stored by Google’s servers.

Google’s Smart Lock is used to automatically enter information such as a user name and password in Google Chrome if you wish to log in to a website.

Open this link to Manage Passwords in Google Chrome (opens in a new window). You will be redirected to passwords.google.com to log in with your Google account.

After logging into Google Smart Lock, you can view and edit your passwords. To see a password click on the eye-icon and to remove a password click on the trash can icon.

Browser extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a functionality called browser extensions that allow tools to work together with Google Chrome.

Browser extensions allow you to add extra functionality to Google Chrome. In the Google Chrome Webstore, you will find these free browser extensions.

To install browser extensions go to the Chrome Web Store and install from there the browser extensions.

If you want to manage browser extensions, such as disabling or completely deleting an extension, you can do so from within Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome, in the upper right corner open the Chrome menu, click More Tools and select Extensions.

chrome extensions

You will now see which extensions are installed in Google Chrome. Click on Details to view more information about the extension such as the extension permissions in Google Chrome, the extension detailed description, and the extension version number.

To remove an extension in Google Chrome, click Remove at the bottom of the extension. The browser extension is now removed from Google Chrome.

Experiments in Google Chrome and Chrome Beta

It is possible to change advanced functionality in Google Chrome. This functionality is called Experiments.

To access these functions, type chrome://flags/ in the Google Chrome address bar. A window will now open with advanced Chrome functionality that you can manage.

chrome experiments

If you would like to have new – still in beta – functionality, you can also install Google Chrome beta. Chrome beta can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Beta website.

Create a website shortcut in Google Chrome

If you regularly visit the same website, you can create a desktop shortcut using Google Chrome.

Just click on the desktop shortcut and the website will open in Google Chrome.

This way you can create a shortcut to the page you are currently visiting. Open Google Chrome, click on the menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and open More Tools., now click on Create Shortcut.

create website shortcut google chrome

The shortcut is now automatically saved and visible on the desktop.

Set or change the home page in Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome opens the New Tab. This is a collection of Google’s search engine and your most visited web pages.

If you want to set up one or more websites that will open automatically when you start Google Chrome, you can do so in the following way.

Open Google Chrome, click on the menu, go to Settings. Scroll down to On Startup and click Open a specific page or set of pages.

add new startpage google chrome

By clicking on the text; add new page you can add a new website that will open when Google Chrome is started.

By clicking on the three vertical dots next to a URL you can change or delete the website.

Google Chrome Synchronization

Synchronization in Google Chrome allows you to synchronize bookmarks, surf history, usernames and passwords across multiple devices in which Google Chrome is installed and signed in with your Google Account.

This way you can access different data on different devices, such as a laptop, tablet and phone. You can manage in Google Chrome what kind of Google Chrome data is synchronized between devices.

Open the Google Chrome menu, click Settings go to People and click the Turn on Sync button. Now log in with your Google Account and click Custom Sync.

sync data google chrome

You can now turn on or off the different settings and data that are synchronized between the different devices.

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