Chrome Chrome: add another New person or New Profile to Chrome

Add another Google Chrome profile is useful if the computer is being used by more than one person. There is an option within Google Chrome to create multiple users, so-called profiles.

If the Chrome admin is setting up a profile for each user in the browser and linking it to a Google account, the user always has access to their own web page favorites, chrome settings, and chrome browser extensions.

To set up a new Google Chrome user profile, click on the account icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome. Select Manage people from the menu.

add new user to chrome

A new window will appear, from the button click the link Add Person.

add person to google chrome button

Give the new chrome person a new, an icon and click Add

add person chrome name and emoij

Another new Chrome window will open, this is the Chrome profile the user has just created. In the top right corner, you can see the name. If you had enabled the “Create a desktop shortcut for this profile”.

The user should see a shortcut on the desktop, indicating this is the Chrome profile with all their settings, favorites, browser extensions, and web page history.

chrome new person added

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