Advanced Protection Program by Google, enhanced Chrome security

With the Advanced Protection Program, Google Chrome offers users the option to better protect themselves against targeted online attacks.

Users who have to deal with targeted online attacks, such as journalists, politicians, etc., can now register for free to protect their account with the Advanced Protection Program by Google.

google chrome logoThe Advanced Protection Program offers various components, such as logging in with a security key and offering Google Chrome protection against dangerous downloads.

Advanced protection goes beyond traditional 2-step authentication, which requires you to use a physical security key in addition to your password to sign in to your Google Account. The program has now been expanded with additional download protection in Chrome. This requires users to enable the synchronization feature that sends user data to Google.

The “Sync” option synchronizes previously visited websites, opened tabs, bookmarks, passwords, saved credit card information and settings and preferences across all of the user’s devices.

According to Google, Chrome protects all users from malware, but Advanced Protection gives them a better level of protection.

Read more about the Advanced Protection Program by Google.

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