Adware applications in the Google Play Store are a upcoming threat

Adware applications are a major problem in the Google Play Store. Researchers have detected 238 applications in the Google Play Store that are classified as BeiTaAd adware.

Applications classified as adware display unwanted ads, start audio or video ads and block the Android device to prevent stopping the unwanted advertisements.

According to Kristina Balaam of security company Lookout, adware found in the Google Play Store makes Android devices practically unusable.

google play store logoThe adware would be so resolute that users who have installed the adware on their Android device would hardly be able to use other applications or answer their phone because of the many unwanted ads.

Research has shown that the adware does not immediately start to show unwanted advertisements. The BeiTaAd adware would wait at least 24 hours to display advertisements, this way the adware developers try to prevent detection.

The reason that application developers are combining more and more adware to their Android applications would be to generate alternative revenue. More and more users are installing an ad blocker, which would encourage application developers to look for alternative ways to generate revenue.

Do you think adware is installed on your Android device? Check if your Android phone or tablet is infected with adware.

The 238 adware applications that security company Lookout has detected have been removed from the Google Play Store or removed from the devices by Google.

Did you know that Google can remotely uninstall Android applications?

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