Always show full address or URL in Google Chrome (this is how)

Ever wondered how in Google Chrome, you can display the full URL of a website in the address bar? In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to change the URL of Google Chrome in the address bar to the full URL.

Trivial subdomains are no longer displayed in the address bar since Google Chrome 69. In cases of and, for example, Google Chrome only shows

Hiding www. should make it easier to read and understand URLs, the tech company says. “We will hide the URL components that are irrelevant to Chrome users,” says Emily Schechter, Chrome Product Manager.

According to researchers, the measure was a security risk and could help attackers. Also, there were all kinds of practical objections. Because of the criticism, Google decided to reverse the measure.

However, with the launch of Chrome 70, Google was again planning to hide the www subdomain in the address bar.

The measure was implemented in the test versions of Chrome, but not in the final version. Now Schechter reports that it can also be enabled in the stable version of Chrome. “We plan to hide https and the subdomain www in the Chrome Omnibox on the desktop and Android versions of Chrome 76”.

Schechter adds that Google has developed an extension for reporting suspicious websites.

Through this extension, “power users” can display the full URL in the address bar.

The full URL is also visible by clicking twice on the address bar in the desktop version and once in the case of the mobile version.

But how do you change Google Chrome so that the URL in the address bar is always visible with trivial subdomains like m. or www?

Always show full address or URL in Google Chrome

First, you need to download Google Chrome Chromium (the open-source project of Chrome) or Google Chrome Canary. 

Download Google Chrome Canary

Official Google Chrome (at this time of writing Google Chrome version 81 does not have this feature yet).

Open Google Chrome. In the address bar type: chrome://flags. Google Chrome flags are experimental features you can manage in Google Chrome.

In search field type: Context menu show full URLs

Enable Context menu show full URLs in Google chrome

Change the Enable Context menu show full URLs setting in Google Chrome (Canary or Chromium) to “Enabled”.

Relaunch Google Chrome.

always show full url google chrome

Next is to right-click in Google Chrome address bar en enable “Always show full URLs” setting.

Now you have successfully enabled always show full URLs in Google Chrome Canary or Chromium! This feature is to launch in Google Chrome 83.

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