Google Chrome: auto start Chrome incognito modus and More Tips

Auto start chrome incognito. Like the other well-known browsers, Google Chrome includes a private modus called the incognito mode. In short, the PC user can just surf the internet with the incognito mode enabled and leave no traces such as web browsing history and web browser cookies. Usually, the PC user would launch the Chrome Incognito mode from the Google Chrome menu itself. However, if the PC user prefers to auto start chrome incognito, it is more convenient to start incognito mode directly while starting Chrome. In this article, I will explain how to auto start chrome incognito modus and explain what Chrome incognito modus can do for the user, and what it doesn’t.

auto start Chrome incognito modus

locations for the Chrome shortcut

To set this up, the user should need to customize the Chrome shortcut. Search for the Google Chrome shortcut. A few places where the Chrome shortcut can found is on the Windows Desktop, the Windows Taskbar or the Windows start menu. The places to find Chrome shortcut apply to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

locations to find the google chrome shortcut

Edit the Chrome shortcut for incognito modus

Once the PC user has found the Chrome shortcut, the user will need to edit it and add a specific command-line argument behind the chrome.exe file.
This is how its done:

  • Right-click the Chrome shortcut
  • Open the Chrome properties and navigate to the tab Shortcut
  • Search for the Target type and leaves as is. The target should be ..Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe.
  • Now edit the target and add -incognito after the latest quote. The target will look like this ..Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -incognito
  • Click Apply and give permission (for the Windows 10 users) to alter the shortcut.

edit chrome shortcut to enable incognito modus

That’s it, from now on Google Chrome will default start in Chrome incognito modus. The PC user can remove the -incognito command-line from the shortcut to start Chrome as it was before, without the Chrome incognito modus.

What does incognito mode do?

The private incognito browsing mode will hide your browsing history from other users on the same computer. However, your internet history can and will still be linked to your computer. If you sign in to your Google account with incognito mode enabled, Google is still able to see your browsing history and advise and show ads to the user based on cookies.

The PC users browsing habits with the incognito featured enabled are not saved on the local device, so the browsing history is not visible to a user using the same device. This is what Incognito does. However, this is not where the incognito modus was build for in the first place. The Chrome private mode, in the beginning, was designed to make browser sharing easier. Not to hide anything from your fellow PC and Chrome users.

How can the user benefit from Chrome incognito mode?

One of the most useful features of the Chrome private mode is that Chrome keeps out tracking cookies. This is especially useful if the user is surfing unsecured web pages, you know the web pages without the HTTPS (SSL) certificate installed.

open link in incognito windowIf the users’ privacy is important, these web pages or links should be opened with a right-click and select Open link in incognito window.

Many web pages use cookies, and those cookies can remember preferences, web page data, the users search queries, recently viewed or bought products. A useful feature using incognito modus enabled is that trackers, cookies and advertisement networks cannot see this historical data. Thus incognito modus could be useful while shopping online, especially on Amazon or Expedia etcetera.

With Chrome incognito modus enable you are a “new” visitor/customer to these shopping web pages. Users could benefit from first-time discount offers and maybe other discounts. It’s a well-known trick that many people use to get a little discount or an offer. Try, before buy?

What does incognito mode NOT do?

Google Chrome incognito modus enabled

All the websites you visit are still visible for your ISP, your network administrator or school teacher. Google Chrome warns their users for this. Remember, the internet becomes a bit safer using technologies as VPN services or HTTPS (SSL) connections. The Chrome incognito mode is a basic local protection and will not prevent experts from gathering your browsing habits.

Do not use incognito modus for illegal purposes. You shouldn’t do any illegal activities in the first place, but Chrome private modus won’t help you with this either.  If you need privacy, buy yourself a VPN Service, like NordPVN. NordVPN which is the worldwide biggest, safest and most legal VPN service alternative for online browsing.

a VPN protects the encrypted internet connection from advertisers, against hackers, and social media web pages. NordVPN unblocks web pages that could be blocked by your ISP or network administrator. DNS leak prevention and CyberSec are default features that protect your internet connection even more.

Would like need more tips?

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