How to change Font Size in Google Chrome for Windows, Mac or Linux

How to change the font size of Google Chrome? Some people want to change the font size in Google Chrome; this is slightly different from the Zoom function in Google Chrome.

If you change the font in Google Chrome, then the font in the Google Chrome settings and menus becomes more substantial, but also the font on certain websites, not on all websites.

How to change the font size in Google Chrome

To change Google Chrome font size, you need to open the Google Chrome web browser. In the upper right corner of Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (the three vertical dots). 

Select Settings from the Google Chrome menu, in the section: Appearance, you see a setting called: Font Size. 

change font size google chrome

You have the choice to change the font size in Google Chrome to very small, small, medium (recommended), large, and very large.

Medium is the default – recommended – font size in Google Chrome. In the example below, you see an image that compares the default font size with the Large font size setting. 

default font size google chrome
Default font size in Google Chrome
large font size google chrome
Large font size in Google Chrome

I assume that most people want to increase the font size so that specific settings, menus, and websites are easier to read for them.

If you are wondering how to increase the address bar size in Google Chrome, this is not possible. You can also enlarge the content of the page by using the zoom option in Google Chrome.

Zooming in Google Chrome

In the Google Chrome Settings, select Zoom and click on the + or – icon to enlarge or reduce the content of a web page.

how to zoom google chrome

You can also press the CTRL and + keys on your keyboard. Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) or ⌘ (CMD) + or – to zoom in or out on Mac.

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