How to change Google Chrome New Tab background

Google Chrome is already a beautiful web browser. The default look of Chrome is gray and might look outdated for some users, but did you know you can also install themes in Google Chrome to give Google Chrome just that extra personal touch?

In this instruction, I will explain how to customize the appearance of Google Chrome, more precisely, how to customize the background of the Google Chrome new tab page.

First of all, you should set the Google Chrome New tab as the default home page. After we set the new tab, we are going to replace the background of the New Tab of Chrome with an image.

How to Change Google Chrome background

Open Google Chrome, expand the menu, in the upper right corner you open Settings.

In the Settings menu, navigate down to On Startup.

chrome settings open new tab

Select: Open the New Tab page to replace the Google Chrome homepage. By default, the New Tab is set as the default start page in Chrome.

Open a new tab in Google Chrome, in the right bottom corner you see a small wrench icon.

how to change google chrome background

Click the wrench icon to toggle the Google Chrome background customization menu. You choose to replace the default solid white background color with an image from Google, these are images that are designed by Google Chrome.

customize background google chrome

Alternatively, you can customize the Google Chrome background with a personal image.

set image as google chrome background

Select the background image from your computer, upload it with Google Chrome and use it as your default background image in Chrome.

Note that the background is only replaced in the new tab.

I hope that the article has helped you to make Google Chrome a bit more fun and personal, enjoy!

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