How to change Google Chrome browser language? Mac and Windows

Did you know you could easily change the language in Google Chrome without a reinstall? There are two language configurations in Google Chrome, the first configuration is the language you would want web pages to recognize when you visit their web page, and the second is the user-interface language of Google Chrome. In the first language setting, the language recognition by web pages is used to detect the Accept-Language header sent by the Chrome web browser. If the web browser sends an HTTP request to a web server to fetch a web page, the browser sends an HTTP-request in return to the web server. The HTTP-request the web browser sends in return includes a language preference setting, the Accept-Language header. This Accept-Language header tells the web server which language is the Chrome web browser’s preferred language to display the web page in.

The second language configuration in Google Chrome is the preferred language graphical user interface. It is possible to display Google Chrome in your preferred language and view web pages in another language, let’s find out how to configure this in Google Chrome.

Change Google Chrome language preference

Open the Google Chrome browser if you didn’t already. Click the Chrome menu button in the top right corner and select Settings from the drop-down list.

change google chrome language

Scroll down in the Chrome settings till you see Advanced, expand the advanced settings in Chrome.

change google chrome language advanced

Scroll down till you see Languages and expand the languages preferences in Chrome.

change google chrome language preferences

In the Chrome language preferences, you see the installed languages and the language Chrome is currently displayed in. If you would like to add a language to Google Chrome, click the Add languages button.

change google chrome language add language

Search for the language you would like to add to Google Chrome. In this example, I used the Spanish language. Click the Add button to add the language you would like to add to Chrome.

add language to google chrome

Click the three dots icon, right next to the language you just added to Chrome. Now, when you want to change the language a web server detects when you visit a web page, you click the Move to the top button.

What this does is it tells the web server your preferred language is Spanish (in this example) and when available will redirect the web browser to the Spanish version of the web page. Google Chrome, however, is still displayed in English (United States). If you want to change the display language of Chrome, read on. It’s easy!

change google chrome language move to top

In the same menu, check the Display Google Chrome in this language.

change google chrome display language

Relaunch Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.

display google chrome in this language setting

Google Chrome is now shown in the display language you prefer. It’s that easy, no need to reinstall Google Chrome in another language, you can just change the display settings from the Chrome web browser itself. It is also possible to add another profile, person to Chrome and change the language for the new profile.

google chrome language changed

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