How to change Google Chrome homepage (Step by Step guide)

Wondering how to change homepage on chrome? Do you have a web page that you visit frequently?

Then set the homepage of your choice in Google Chrome as your home page. In this article, I explain how to set a homepage in Google Chrome.

The home page will open each time you click on the home button, or when Google Chrome starts.

How to change google chrome homepage

Enable homepage button in Google Chrome

In the web browser Google Chrome, the button for the homepage (an up arrow) is automatically turned off.

First, activate the home button and then set the Google Chrome home page. 

Open Chrome, click in the upper right corner on the menu button.

Select Settings from the drop down menu.

Enable the slider under Appearance next to Show Home button to activate the homepage button in Google Chrome.

enable homepage button google chrome

The button for the start page is now visible in Chrome. You can now immediately set up a home page. 

Enable the option: Enter a custom website address.

Enter the web address of the website you want to use as your home page.

You now have a home page set up under the home page button.

The home page opens when you click on the homepage icon in the Google Chrome browser.

Opening the home page when Google Chrome starts

Do you want the home page to open when you start Chrome? You can set this up by following the instructions I describe.

In the Google Chrome settings, select Appearance from the menu. In the On Startup section, click on open a specific page or set of pages. 

Click on Add new page or use current pages. In the text field, now type the website address you want to set as the start up page when Google Chrome is started.

change homepage in google chrome

You have now successfully activated the homepage button and set up a new homepage in Google Chrome. Congrats!

Do you want to reset Google Chrome to default settings?

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