Chrome extensions only available through the Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome stops installing “inline” browser extensions in the Chrome web browser. Inline browser extension installations are external web pages that can install browser extensions in Chrome. Stopping the inline installations in Google Chrome should protect users from misleading web pages that offer ad-supported browser extensions. Inline browser extension installation was launched by Google in 2011 in order to install browser extensions via the developer’s web page.

Inline browser extensions are still hosted in the Chrome Web Store but can be installed by using inline code through external web pages in the Chrome browser.

Google says users can make a better choice if browser extensions are shown from the Chrome Web Store and no longer from external web pages. External web pages sometimes want to hide information about the extension in order to hide some features, by providing extension from the Chrome Web Store. Google says users can make a better choice if the extension is presented by the Chrome Web Store, as the Chrome Web Store includes review by the users of the extension.

Chrome extensions only available through the Chrome Web Store

From now on, it will no longer be possible for new browser extensions to perform inline installations. At the end of the year, the inline installation feature will be completely disabled. Web pages that still offer inline installations for their browser extension should update the installation process through their website.

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