Google Chrome – Redirect Blocked – Am I infected with adware or worse?

Since Google Chrome version 65, Google has introduced a redirect blocker in Google Chrome. The Redirect Blocker must prevent users from being redirected to possible malicious web pages with the intention to infect the web browser with adware and web pages full of advertisements.

google chrome redirect blocked

When Google Chrome blocks a redirect in the web browser there are many purposes why Google Chrome is doing so. In the first place, your PC might be infected with an adware application. Adware opens the Chrome web browser and redirects a new window through several redirects before landing on a landing page. However, Chrome might also be redirected by compromised web pages or intrusive advertising networks.

We have seen these intrusive redirects in many recent examples. In August 2018 there was a massive WordPress malvertising campaign redirecting the user’s to “show notification” scam pages. This led to many compromised web pages, for example;, that redirected the web browser’s through many malicious – compromised domains. Only with the intention to scam users into allowing notifications in their web browser. The malicious domains were abused to show advertisements through Chrome.

In Google Chrome version 68, the Chromium team had chosen to add an info-bar when the user is unintentionally redirected to a web page. All redirects originating from third-party iframes will show an info bar instead, useless the user had some interaction with the web page. This indicates Google is getting much better in detecting redirects and protecting the Chrome web browser from unintentional redirects.

Do you still notice unwanted redirects in the Chrome or another web browser, the PC is most likely infected with an ad-supported software application e.g. adware. The difference with an unwanted redirect caused by a compromised web page and Adware is the number of redirects in your web browser.

When the PC is infected with Adware the web browser is redirected at least every 10 minutes to many different web pages, you might experience additional problems such as a slow browser, failed network error in Chrome, underlined in-text ads with “ads by” and search queries redirected through a search engine you did not intentionally visit.

When you were redirected by a compromised or malvertising web page you are only redirected once and the web browser is not opened automatically on your PC. Most likely you were visiting a web page and the redirect occurred. Some web pages that are compromised are redirecting users to malicious javascript code to exploit the web browser, exploit kits such as Neutrino, RIG, Sundown, Angler, and Nuclear are known to infect user with so-called “drive by downloads”.

Make sure your PC is not infected with adware, or worse! Perform a Google Chrome virus scan or remove the pop-up redirect from Google Chrome.

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