Install and Enable Dark mode in Google Chrome – Looks Awesome!

Google Chrome version 73 for Mac supports the Dark mode of Mac OS. That is, Google Chrome automatically adjusts when Dark mode is activated on your Mac.

After activating Dark Mode, Google Chrome adapts to the dark colors of the Mac theme.

google chrome dark mode

There is already a dark theme available in the Google Chrome Webstore called “Just Black” however, it does not make Google Chrome completely dark.

Chrome’s Dark Mode looks similar to the incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser. The dark colors are shown in the menu, your tabs and the start page you see when you open a new tab.

The Google Chrome dark mode is only activated when you use the dark theme of macOS Mojave.

Dark mode for Windows is still under development and is expected soon. As discussed earlier, you can also install the dark theme for Google Chrome on Windows, but the official dark-mode in which everything in Google Chrome is dark will take a while for Windows.

Install dark mode in Google Chrome

In order to install the dark theme on Google Chrome, you need to update your Google Chrome browser to the most recent version.

Restart the Chrome web browser when it is finished with the updates.

If you have activated Dark mode in Mac OS, Google Chrome is now automatically adjusted to the Dark mode theme.

To install Dark mode for Mac, go to the Apple menu in the top left corner, open the menu, click on System Preferences and open the General menu.

Now select Appearance: Dark.

dark mode mac

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