How to Remove Cache files in Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge

Learn how to remove cache files. During surfing on the Internet, all kinds of data is stored in the so-called cache memory. You can find out what cache is and how you can empty the cache in this instruction.

In your computer, a part of the memory is reserved where temporary internet files are stored. These temporary files are parts of web pages that are kept in reserve. When you visit a website with your web browser, those parts can be loaded quickly, and the website is visible more quickly.

This storage of temporary files is useful, but it can take up a lot of memory space over time. Incorrect versions of a website can also be shown if the website has changed, this can lead to wrong versions of a website when it is retrieved from cache memory. When this happens it is time to empty the browsing cache.

All temporary files will then be deleted. This does no harm, the only consequence is that the website might load a bit slower.

How to Remove Cache files in Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge


Click on the Google Chrome menu button with the three dots in the upper right corner. Open Settings from the Chrome menu.

Scroll down to Advanced and open Privacy and security settings.

In the middle section, click Clear Browsing Data.

If necessary, click the Advanced tab and select the specific cache you would like to delete. Click Clear data.

clear browser cache google chrome


Click on the Firefox button with the three dashes in the upper right corner.

Open Options from the Firefox menu.

On the left menu, click on Privacy & Security. Scroll down to the ‘Cookies and site data’ heading.

Click Clear data. Click on Clear.

clear browsing data firefox

Internet Explorer

Click on the Internet Explorer menu button with the cogwheel in the upper right corner.

Open Internet Options from the IE menu. Open the General tab in the window.

Under the heading ‘Browsing history’, click Delete.

If necessary, tick the box for ‘Temporary Internet files and website files’.

Click on Delete.

delete browsing history internet explorer

Microsoft Edge

Click on the Microsoft Edge menu button with the three dots in the upper right corner.

Open Settings from the Edge menu.

Click on Privacy and security.

Click on the grey button. Choose what to clear.

Tick the box for Data and files in the cache.

Click on the Delete button to remove the browsing cache.

clear cache in microsoft edge

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