DNS probe finished no internet – How to Fix? – Google Chrome guide

I’m going to explain in this article, how to resolve the DNS probe finished no internet error you might be getting in your Google Chrome web browser.

So usually, this error would be associated with your Internet connection and firewall settings and in the event of this error occurs, I’m going to be going over how to hopefully resolve this error, DNS probe finished no internet.

DNS probe finished no internet

Let’s start pretty straight forward here, we’re gonna start by typing command prompt in the Windows search bar, right where it says “Type here to search”. So let’s right-click on that result and select Run as Administrator.

ipconfig release

We’re going to type in ipconfig /release

ipconfig flushdns

Next, type in ipconfig /flushdns.

DNS probe finished no internet - How to Fix? - Google Chrome guide 1

Next, you want to type in ipconfig /renew

Have a little patient there, it’ll take a second to run that command once.

netsh winsock reset

Next, type in netsh winsock reset.

After you have typed in that command you need to restart your computer.

Once you’re back from the restart. At this point. I would check your Internet connection and see if you’re haven’t any “DNS probe finished no internet” problems anymore. If your problem has been resolved that is great.

However, if you’re still on the issues is a couple more steps were going to go through to hopefully fix this DNS probe finished no internet error and we’re going to start by heading over to start menu and we’re going open Control Panel, network and internet, network and sharing center.

network and sharing center

Network and sharing center last click on change adapter settings on the left side.

Now select whatever connection that’s on his window. Select your primary Internet connection. Right click on the ethernet adapter and select properties.

In this new window, you want to left click on Internet Protocol version 4. In the internet protocol settings, at the bottom, where it says, obtain DNS server address automatically, left click on the selection underneath this is and use the following DNS server and IP address now with the preferred DNS server type

dns settings windows8.8.8.8

as alternate DNS server type

So, you can actually say about the three numbers per section, you do not want to do that you will not be getting the right DNS server address and your Internet will still not work and the DNS probe finished no internet error remains.

So please keep in mind, this is actually a Google DNS server address.

So, it’s perfectly safe once you’re done typing that in, make sure you typed it exactly how it appears on the left screen image.

You might want to enable “validate settings upon exit” and then click Ok.

You might be running a troubleshooting scan on windows when we launched that just to make sure your network settings have been not compromised.

In most cases it should say, did not detect anything. So that should be good.

I hope this article has helped you get rid of DNS probe finished no internet errors in Google Chrome.

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