How to enable and manage tab groups in Google Chrome (Guide)

Google Chrome supports tab grouping. By default, this tab group function is not activated. At least, not in the most recent version of Chrome version 81.0.4044.129 at this time of writing!

In this article, I explain how to activate tab groups in Google Chrome and how to create tab groups and add a tab to the newly created tab group.

Tab groups are useful if you want to see which tabs belong to a specific group of tabs you have created yourself. For example, you can group tabs on social media websites, news websites etcetera.

Tab groups in Google Chrome make the use of tabs in Google Chrome clear. You can assign colors, and a name to tab groups, especially the colors that make it much easy to see which tab belongs to which group. Let’s start by activating the tab groups function in Google Chrome.

How to enable and manage tab groups in Google Chrome

Enable tab groups in Google Chrome

Before we start, make sure Google Chrome is updated. After you have updated Google Chrome you need to activate the tab groups function in the Google Chrome experimental options.

The Chrome experimental options can be found by opening the Google Chrome browser and typing chrome://flags/ in the Chrome address bar.

enable tab groups google chrome

In the search window at the top, search for “Tab Groups“. Set the Tab Groups functionality to Enabled and relaunch Google Chrome.

Create new tab group

Now let’s create a new tab group. When a new group is created you can add browser tabs to the group.

Right-click a tab in Google Chrome. Click on Add to new group.

add new tab group google chrome

Give the new tab group a name and pick a color. I do recommend to use bright colors, colors make it easier for you to see to which group a tab belongs.

tab group color google chrome

Press Enter when done, the new tab group is now created.

tab group created chrome

In the next step, we can add tabs to the newly created tab group in Chrome.

Add tab(s) to the tab group

When you have created one or more tab groups with different colors you can add tabs to the tab group. Right-click a tab and click on Add to existing group. Select the newly created tab group from the list to add the tab to the group.

add tab to tab group in google chrome

Once you have added a tab to the tab group you will see the tab will have the same underlined color as the tab group. Colors make it much easier to see to which tab group the tab belongs.

Productivity tip: you can also select a tab and drag it into the tab group.

Remove tab from tab group

If you need to remove a tab from a tab group, right-click the tab you would like to remove and click on Remove from group.

remove tab from tab group

So for all you tab fetishists that open way too many tabs in their Google Chrome browser I hope this was useful! Enjoy 🙂


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