How to Enable Password Leak protection in Google Chrome

Recently Google introduced the Password check. It was previously possible to check to see if one of your accounts has been compromised. Still, now the function is placed directly into the browser. All you have to do is update Chrome to the latest version.

How to activate Password Leak detection in Google Chrome

Unfortunately, the password leak detection setting is not activated immediately. You need to copy and paste the next line into the address bar and then activate the function manually.


In the experimental settings of Google Chrome, called “flags”, search for “password leak detection“. Change the password leak protection experimental setting from default to enabled to activate password leak detection in Google Chrome.

enable password leak detection google chrome

When you would like to use the Google Chrome password leak detection, it is important to know that checking for a password leak within Chrome only works if you use the built-in password manager in Google Chrome. Other external password managers do not work with password leak protection in the Chrome web browser.

We have written before about a similar password manager, namely Lockwise, in Firefox which is a good alternative.

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