How to Fix: Establishing Secure Connection time-out errors – Google Chrome

Establishing Secure Connection, time-out errors, or Failed – network error in Google Chrome? – If you notice any of these problems in Google Chrome, follow the instructions below to fix the problem.

Regular problems occur after software updates, including Google Chrome. The problems you experience range from a time-out error to a website with https (a secure connection) that hangs on establishing secure connection status in Google Chrome during the loading of any webpage.

It is important to verify that the connection problems only occur in Google Chrome. You can do this by using another web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox and checking whether the URL can be visited without network connection problems.

If you have found that the time-out, establishing secure connection problems only occur in Google Chrome, please continue.

Various methods are offered to solve connection problems in Google Chrome, such as, for example, checking that no proxy server is being used, reset Google Chrome, disabling the Windows Firewall, remove a browser extension from Google Chrome, and re-installing Google Chrome.

If the problem persists, follow the instructions below to see if it solves the Establishing Secure Connection, time-out, or other connection problem in Chrome.

How to Fix: Establishing Secure Connection time-out errors in Google Chrome

Warning: users that login to Microsoft Windows with a Microsoft account instead of a local account should SKIP the step below (Changing CryptSVC services).

Change service account for CryptSvc (Cryptographic Services) to Local Account

Click the Windows start button with the right mouse button, select Command-Prompt (Admin) from the start menu. An MS-DOS window will appear with Administrator privileges.

start ms-dos prompt administrator

In the MS-DOS prompt window, type: services.msc. Services.msc is a management console for Windows to manage the services that Windows uses.

start services msc windows

Search the Services management console for the service called CryptSVC (Cryptographic Services). Right-click on the CryptSvc service and select Properties from the menu. You can also double-click on the Cryptographic Services to open the Properties.

cryptsvc - cryptographic services

Go to CryptSvc’s Log-on tab and change the user from Network Service (under This account) to Local System Account. Click Apply, then OK, ignore any notification you get from the service.

change cryptsvc account

Now restart the computer and check if the error message such as establishing secure connection, time-outs, or web pages that are not fully loaded in Google Chrome has been resolved.

If you need to restore the CryptSVC service settings, do this.

Restore CryptSvc services

Open Task Manager, and go to the Services tab.

Click on “Open Services” in the tab. Search for “Cryptographic Services”, right-click and open the service Properties.

Go to tab: Log On, Check “This Account” click the Browse button, search for “Network Service” click OK. Clear the password field for the service โ€“ no password โ€“ and click Apply and OK.

Warning: users that login to Microsoft Windows with a Microsoft account instead of a local account should SKIP the step above!
Continue with the steps below.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is extended by default with the option to support hardware acceleration. This way Google Chrome can effectively use the computer hardware and where necessary use this hardware to load web pages faster.

Hardware acceleration in Google Chrome can also cause problems if the CPU Hardware, for example, is very strong and the rest of the hardware is less strong. This can cause Google Chrome to become unstable, causing pages to remain stuck or not load at all.

Disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome and see if this resolves the problems you experience in Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome, in the navigation bar type: chrome://settings/ at the top of the search bar type: hardware.

disable hardware acceleration google chrome

Uncheck the “use hardware acceleration when available” check-box and restart Google Chrome. Verify if the establishing secure connection, time out problems with Google Chrome are solved.

Fix Google Chrome connection error with NetAdapter Repair All in One

NetAdapter Repair is an application to solve network connectivity problems that occur in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

We know that multiple users fixed their connection problems in Google Chrome with NetAdapter Repair. If you use NetAdapter Repair as described in this chapter, NetAdapter will not cause any further problems with your network connection.

It is therefore advisable not to use NetAdapter just to solve connection problems. Some technical knowledge is required to use NetAdapter on your own.

Download NetAdapter Repair and save the file on the Desktop or Downloads folder, doesn’t matter as long as you can find it. NetAdapter does not need installation.

Open NetAdapter Repair and click on Advanced Repair. A message appears with the settings that will be restored.

netadapter fix google chrome connection error

WinSock/TCP IP Repair
Clear all Proxy/VPN Settings
Windows Firewall Repair

You might need to restart your computer after using Advanced Repair in NetAdapter Repair. Please take this into account while working with documents or reading this page.

After restarting the computer, check if the connection problems such as Establishing Secure Connection, time-outs etc. are solved in Google Chrome.

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