How to export passwords from Google Chrome

Most Web browsers have a built-in password management feature. This makes it possible to save your passwords in your browser and use them immediately if necessary. If you use Google Chrome, you can choose to export and relocate their passwords since Google Chrome version 66.

For example, you can start using it in password keeper apps like 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass. When exporting the passwords from Chrome, a CSV file is created that you can easily import again. Note that this file is easy to read by anyone opening the CSV file. I recommend after export and import to remove the CSV file including the passwords as soon as possible.

How to export Google Chrome passwords through IOS app

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Tap the Chrome menu (three dots in the top right corner)
  • Navigate to Settings ▸ passwords
  • Scroll down and tap export passwords
  • Then choose a location to save the CSV file
  • Import the file into a password app or another browser if you want.

Export Chrome passwords via Chrome for desktop

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Open the Chrome menu (three dots in the top right corner)
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click “Advanced” at the bottom
  • Open “Passwords and Forms”
  • Click Manage Passwords

Next, to “Saved Passwords”, click on the three scoops and then “export passwords”.
Finally, choose a location to save the CSV file and start exporting the Google Chrome passwords.

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