Save a website with Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac desktop

Have you ever wondered how to save a website on your Windows or Mac desktop?

Google Chrome offers users the option to open a website that you frequently visit directly on the Desktop. You don’t have to create complex shortcuts, you export a website directly from Google Chrome to your Desktop.

A link to your favorite website on the Desktop is, therefore, handy. Double-click on the icon and the site will open immediately.

In the instruction below, I describe step by step how to save a website directly to your Desktop.

How to save a website with Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac desktop

Open the Google Chrome web browser. Type in the Google Chrome address bar the website you want to export to your Desktop and confirm with the ENTER key.

In the upper right corner, click on the three vertical dots to open the Chrome menu.

In the Google Chrome menu, click on More Tools, select Create shortcut from the list.

save shortcut on desktop with google chrome

Give the shortcut a name or leave the default name as Google Chrome suggests. You can tick the “Open as window” box, and the website will open in a new window.

export shortcut to desktop chrome

Click on the Create button to save a Google Chrome shortcut on the Desktop.

website saved to desktop google chrome

A shortcut has now been successfully placed on the Desktop that opens the web page you selected.

Easy! Enjoy, thank you for reading.

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