How to Fix the “Failed – Network Error” in Google Chrome

Google Chrome displays the error Failed – Network Error and might have difficulties when downloading files from the internet. In some cases, the Failed – Network Error might show up and the download is stopped and cannot be resumed. There are a few options to consider to resolve and fix the Failed – Network error in Google Chrome.

Fix the Failed – Network error Google Chrome

Check your PC for malware

The failed network error on Chrome could be a sign the PC is infected with malware. Malware is known to block connections, or redirect connections through a malicious proxy server. When a connection is tunneled through a malicious proxy server the malware is able to monitor and control the internet traffic, for instance, inject advertisements or block downloads causing the Failed network error. We have seen this is in severe adware, GeoSmartDNS, Proxygate, and VidSquare. Adware or malware could be the cause of the Failed network error on Chrome.

The first step I recommend is using Google Chrome to perform a “Harmful software” virus detection tool. Google Chrome has a useful feature to automatically detect and remove harmful applications from your web browser and PC. The Chrome Harmful software detection and removal tool are not as comprehensive as for instance, Malwarebytes. Make sure you are not infected with malware and run a Malwarebytes adware detection and removal scan, it is free.

Remove browser extension

Browser extensions for Google Chrome are designed and created to add new features, themes, or new functionality to Google Chrome. However, most of them need an internet connection to communicate with some servers. On slower internet connections, the browser extension might disrupt normal internet-traffic and cause the Failed network error within Chrome. I advise checking the installed browser extensions and disable them one by one to see if the problem is resolved. Once you found a browser extension that is the cause of the network error in Chrome, remove the extension. Learn more about how to remove a browser extension in Chrome.

Try another web browser

Another option to find out if Google Chrome is the main cause of the Failed network error is to try another web browser. If you were downloading a file or visiting a webpage through Chrome and the failed network error occurred, try another web browser and see if you are able to download or visit that specific webpage with the new web browser.
Try using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge these web browsers are already installed on the most recent Windows operating systems. However, it might be best to choose a not so common web browser, we’ve made a list of 6 alternative web browsers to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. The point is to identify if the failed network error only happens in Chrome or also in another web browser.

If the failed network error or some other network connection error occurs in other web browsers too, the problem is most likely in Windows, your internet connection or router.

Repair Failed Network Error Chrome – advanced connection error

A connection error is not always caused by a web browser. The Chrome web browser might not be able to connect to the internet or show the Failed – Network error, however, the underlying problem is a network adapter setting or a firewall problem in Windows. In order to solve these problems all at once, there is a tool NetAdapter Repair all in One that does this for you. If you use this tool wisely as I am going to show you there should be no problems. The NetAdapter Repair all in One tool is very powerful and it is possible to corrupt internet-connection or network settings with this tool. Therefore I recommend creating a Windows restore point, so you can revert back to the point in time restore if anything goes wrong.

Download NetAdapter Repair all in One.

chrome failed network error repair toolOpen the NetAdapter Repair all in One tool as Administrator.
Right-Click the executable and select Run as Administrator from the list confirm with yes.

Click the large button in the left upper corner that says Advanced Repair. The Advanced Repair tool will repair the Winsock TCP/IP settings in Windows.

Clear all Proxy/VPN Settings and tries to repair the Windows Firewall. If this was working before it stays as is, the NetAdapter Repair all in One tool performs actions recommended by Microsoft to resolve problems with internet or network connections. Restart your PC and verify if the internet connection and failed network error are resolved.

Reset Google Chrome settings

If the problem Failed Network error only occurs in Google Chrome, some settings might get corrupted. This could be due to malware, a browser extension, or an external software application. The first approach before you reinstall Google Chrome is to reset Google Chrome to default. Restoring Google Chrome to default will not affect your bookmarks, saved passwords, and browser history. Learn how to Reset Chrome to default settings.

Check for Chrome updates

verify if there any updates available for Google Chrome, updates resolve problems and the latest version of Chrome might solve the network failed error for you. Learn how to update Google Chrome.

Reinstall Google Chrome

The last possibility you should attempt is to reinstall Google Chrome. It is obvious that if the Failed Network – error is only happening in Chrome the fastest approach to resolve the network error is to reinstall Chrome. Uninstall Google Chrome first and download the newest version from the official webpage.

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