How to fix “Failed – Virus Detected” in Google Chrome

Failed – Virus detected in Google Chrome? Sometimes when you download a file using the Google Chrome web browser, Chrome will notify you that the file you are downloading contains a virus or malware The error: Failed – Virus detected will show up in your Google Chrome download window. Google Chrome will automatically protect you from viruses and malware using Google SafeBrowsing, however, the Failed – Virus detected error in Google Chrome might not always be related to SafeBrowsing.

It is also possible that the file you are downloading is blocked by Microsoft Security or by your Antivirus program. In this instruction, I guide you through a few steps to make sure you can download your file using Google Chrome without being interrupted by the “Failed – Virus detection” error. I do recommend that when you have downloaded the file, you should revert the protection settings to their default values, do not leave protection settings in Google Chrome or Windows disabled.

Failed – Virus Detected in Google Chrome

First, we are going to disable Microsoft Security (Windows Defender) settings. The Windows Security settings can potentially block suspicious downloads to your computer.

Right-click the Windows start button. Click on Settings.

windows start

In the Windows settings, click on Update and Security to open Windows Security settings.

update and security settings

Click on Windows Security on the left. Next, click on Virus & Threat protection.

virus and threat protection settings

In the virus and threat protection settings, click on Manage settings.

Windows antivirus manage settings

Click on the button to turn off real-time protection and turn off cloud-delivered protection. When you disable these settings your device will be vulnerable to viruses, malware, and attacks.

Make to enable the settings when you are done downloading the virus file using Google Chrome!

turn off realtime and cloud delivered protection

Now try to download the file again using Google Chrome. If the error: Failed – Virus detected is still there, follow the next steps.

Open the Google Chrome web browser if you haven’t already. Click the three dots in the right upper corner. Click Settings from the Google Chrome menu.

google chrome menu

On the left click on Privacy and security. In the Google Chrome security settings click on the Security button.

privacy and security settings google chrome

In the Google Chrome SafeBrowsing settings, click on No Protection (not recommended) to turn off Google SafeBrowsing.

turn off google chrome safebrowsing

Next, confirm the message.

Safe Browsing protects you against attackers who may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing malicious software or revealing personal information like passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards. If you turn it off, be careful when browsing unfamiliar or unreputable sites.

turn off safe browsing google chrome alert

Now, try again to download the virus file using Google Chrome.

If it still doesn’t work, go back to the Windows Security settings. Click on Protection History, click the blocked file and click Allow.

windows security protection settings

Sometimes your antivirus protection such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton, Malwarebytes, Bitdefender etcetera are integrated with Google Chrome and can also block virus downloads. In that case you should disable the real-time protection or your installed antivirus software to allow Google Chrome to download a file containing a virus.

Thank you for reading!

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