Google offers DuckDuckGo when setting up Android smartphones

Google will offer the search engine DuckDuckGo as an alternative to the standard search engine on Android smartphones as of March 1st.

DuckDuck-GoBy choosing DuckDuckGo, Google responds to criticism from the European Commission about the abuse of power with Android smartphones. According to Brussels, the company took unfair measures to ensure that owners of Android smartphones would use the Google search engine.

Owners of new Android smartphones and tablets that set up their smartphones from March onwards will be allowed to choose between four search engines. The search engine will then be used in the Android home screen and the Google Chrome app. The search engine app will also be installed on the device.

The choice for DuckDuckGo follows an auction held by Google, which will be repeated every quarter. Users can change the choice for their default search engine in the settings for Android. They may also uninstall the automatically installed app and download other search engine apps.

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