Google Chrome experiments with badge of shame for slow websites

Google wants to add a new feature to its Google Chrome internet browser that notifies internet surfers of websites that load very slowly. It’s also called the “badge of shame.”

google chromeGoogle has announced in a blog post that it is working on a system in which the browser labels Google Chrome to ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ websites.

Surfing speed is one of the distinguishing characteristics on which the user experience of Google Chrome is built. Using measuring instruments, Google will estimate the average loading speed of web pages.

Google will later post more information about which criteria will be used to assign the ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ labels. It is also not yet known when the function will be added to the browser.

The idea behind the experiment is that a system will be developed that will allow slow websites to be recognized by the browser. Google can do this by identifying sites that load slower and thus provide a negative user experience.

In the blog post, the team behind Chrome says: “This can take several different forms, and we intend to experiment with these different forms. In this way, we want to find out which way is most appreciated by our users”.

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